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The most frequently asked questions asked on are given below:

How many checks are in a box?

As you will be placing orders from our referred sites, it varies from site to site, but normally, number of checks available in a box is given below:
One-part Personal Top Tear checks: 125 per box
Duplicate Personal Top Tear checks: 100 per box
One-part Personal Side Tear checks: 125 per box
Duplicate Personal Side Tear checks: 100 per box

How much do checks cost?

Because there are many different check manufacturers included on our site, prices vary. Prices are located on the product detail page and manufacturer’s website. Just click on the design you’d like to order, and you will be directed to the product detail page.

What is EZ Shield Plus?

EZ Shield Plus is the only service that delivers both check fraud protection and identity restoration, within a 2 year period. EZ Shield Plus provides up to $25,000 in check fraud reimbursement within 72 hours of validated. Should you become a victim of identity theft, you will receive help from a licensed and certified personal advocate who specializes in identity restoration.

What are duplicate checks?

Duplicate checks are manufactured into pads comprised of alternating sheets of carbonless check paper and lighter identically numbered plain paper. The carbonless check paper automatically records every transaction onto the plain paper to create a permanent reference copy. Our entire personal check line is available in your choice of one-part or duplicate checks.

What are Side-Tear Checks?

Side-Tear Checks are bound into pads on the left side rather than across the top. Many customers believe Side-Tear checks are easier to tear off of the check pad.

What is an "MICR Specification Sheet" and what effect does it have on my personal checks?

An MICR Specification Sheet is a form that provides the proper numbers and spacing so personal or business checks will scan correctly at your financial institution. Your local bank branch has all the details, and our Customer Service personnel can walk you through the process.

When I order checks can I include my phone number, driver’s license number, other information?

Yes. On the check Order Form, use lines four and five to put any additional personal information like Phone, Drivers License or what ever else you want to include. For your personal check protection, we recommend you limit the amount of personal information you include on your checks.

Are all browsers compatible to order checks online?

Your web browser should be a version of Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher to place a check order online from our merchant sites. Normally all our merchant sites are designed to work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape, Safari and other day to day used browsers. In addition to a newer browser version, ordering online requires certain browser features to be enabled.

Will the colors on my screen match the actual colors on the printed laser checks and related products?

When we complete our laser check printing, the color of the actual product may be slightly different because color accuracy has more to do with your monitor than with our site. We’ve made every effort to represent images of checks and all other products accurately. Due to the wide range of computer monitors and color displays, however, you should consider the colors you see on your screen to be representational.

How can I check the status of an order?

Since you will be placing order from our referred sites, to check the status of an order, locate the order tracking area on the order confirmation email, or go directly to the manufacturer’s web site. From that point, you will be able to obtain order status by using either your confirmation number and zip code or your checking account information and zip code.

What if there is any technical errors or other issues happen in your site?

We would love to respond to your request. You can contact us from our Contact page for these kind of issues.

How can I contact your merchant websites, is there any phone numbers available?

Merchant Phone Number
Bradford Exchange Checks 1-866-285-2334
Checks Unlimited 1-800-210-0468 1-866-923-0451 1-800-356-0353 1-800-354-3540 1-800-243-2577
Carousel Checks 1-708-613-2452
Checks Superstore 1-888-666-2719